Month: June 2022

A man and a crowd

Andrew Sullivan: “There is no precedent in history for such an attack on the basic principles of the American Republic. None. And there is no precedent for a president who has been exposed as imaginary, his fever dream has come true, emphasizing the legitimacy of our democracy day after day.” The day is numbered. He can run for re-election – or he can run for president – a idea that only those who want to pass the American test can enjoy. “

“Understand the 12-page letter that Trump gave in response to the hearing. It’s the work of someone who has no form of reality, lie after lie, irrational lie, just literacy, the kind of thing you think was written by a madman when you get it in the mail. Any other president would agree on election night. Others in a real case (unlike Trump) – Nixon in 1960, Gore in 2000 – knew what their responsibilities were. They care more about the republic than themselves – an idea beyond Trump’s knowledge. He has never served as president in four years. He has only played the role of Trump.

“In the bitter end, he was just a man with a crowd. Not Republican. Not a politician. Not the president. Not a member of any political party, own cult. An idiot, ragging, bully. The hearings revealed it systematically and calmly through evidence provided by Republicans after the Republican witness, efficiently led by a Republican Liz Cheney.

The simple math of voter voting

Rui Teixeira: “Start with this: when Democrats persuade a voter to change sides, which is two votes for Democrats (one less for Republicans, another for Democrats). A voting net.

“It simply came to our notice then. In general, Democrats consider increasing the base voter base in terms of increasing the number of voters from different pro-Democratic demographic groups-young voters, black voters, Hispanic voters, college-educated whites, whatever. But not all voters in this group are Democrats, so collecting more voters from a particular group could result in less than one vote per additional voter. For example, looking at the current congressional ballot preference, Democrats can get only one-third of the vote for every additional Hispanic or young voter, six-tenths of the vote for each additional black voter, and only one-sixth for each additional college-educated white voter. “

“The math looks even more unfavorable when the following are considered: Democrats assume that non-voters in a given population are politically identical to voters in the same group … they don’t vote. But a mountain of political science evidence shows that this is not the case.”

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Statement by Rahne, Executive Director of MoveOn, to the Committee on 6 January

“What the nation will see this month, starting with the select committee hearing on January 6, is the MAGA extremism in full display. We urgently need to try to reverse intelligent gun violence prevention laws Rowe vs. Wade For new evidence of their deadly coup attempt, Republicans are showing the nation their values, their priorities and their agenda.

“When it comes to January 6, the events are irresistible and undeniable. Donald Trump, encouraged and empowered by the entire Republican Party, led a deadly coup attempt and sought to overthrow a free and fair election in a desperate move to retain power.

“And let’s be clear: the efforts of Donald Trump and the Republican Party to destroy our democracy did not begin on January 6, nor did they end that day. Threats to our democracy and our freedom from MAGA extremism continue today.

“And every day we fail to hold those responsible accountable, another day the dark forces trying to weaken our democracy become stronger.

The GOP agenda means a complete ban on abortion; No meaningful, intelligent gun violence prevention laws; And zero accountability for attempting a deadly coup.

“I can’t imagine a greater contrast for voters this fall than we will see in June.”


Let’s move on People-driven energy for progress. MoveOn unites the Left to elect Democrats and bring about progressive change. We are the home base for millions of members who refuse to accept the status quo and manage to take action. For more than a generation, MoveOn has been playing a strong role against radical rights, promoting our voice to end war, protect democracy and advance justice for all.

The January 6 committee has already blown it up

David Brooks: “Using the January 6 incident as a propaganda ploy can be short-sighted and ineffective. If you think you can find the magic moment that will ultimately disrespect Donald Trump in the eyes of voters, you haven’t paid attention in the last six years. Sorry, Boomers, but this isn’t the Watergate scandal where we need an investigation to find out who said what to the Oval Office. The horrors of January 7 have come to light. The shocking truth was that we all saw that day and since then we have learned about crude violence.

“We do not need a committee to reconsider what happened on January 6, 2021. We need a committee that will defend democracy on January 6, 2025 and January 6, 2029. We need a committee to identify vulnerabilities in our democratic system and in society and find ways to address them. “

“The main problem here is not who texted Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on January 6 last year. The key issue is the millions of Americans who have three convictions: the election that was rigged, the rules and regulations that are justified in correcting the violence and uniting our society. “

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Before complaining about ads …

I have received several complaints about advertising His political In recent days, so please let me remind you why a membership model has started

There was a time when a publisher could sell advertisers access to an audience. The incentives were perfectly in line: Publishers who published a quality publication attracted a quality audience that perceived quality advertisers. All parties were part of the system.

But as publishing has moved to the Internet and digital advertising has evolved, incentives have grown out of desperation. Publishers have no direct relationship with most advertisers. Instead they use the growing advertising network. These ad networks bring together visitors from thousands of different publications and websites Advertisers tell networks which audiences they want to target, and their ads are shown wherever those readers go.

What does this mean? Publishers no longer have a direct relationship with advertisers so they try to make themselves as attractive as possible in the ad network. This often means sharing personal data about their readers and using other readers’ unfriendly tactics to show ads as much as possible. Advertisers no longer worry about individual publications because their visitors can come from thousands of different sites.

To make matters worse, there is a virtually unlimited inventory of advertising space on the Internet that drives prices down to ridiculously low prices. This often leads to ads that taste too bad.

The membership model is much more direct and honest. Publishers are directly responsible to their readers. That’s it.

If you are a regular reader and not yet a member, please consider this. In addition to supporting a site of your choice, you will receive exclusive analytics, new features and no ads.

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The White House is obsessed with gas prices

Politico: “Over the past several months, a team of economists led by the White House has marked each day in the same way: a laborious, state-by-state examination of petrol prices and relentless market forces pushing them relentlessly. “

“Senior officials and those close to President Joe Biden see these prices as the ones that most directly affect the daily lives of voters and therefore their perceptions of the economy,” he said. For example, Biden and his top advisers set their sights on what some associates describe as obsessive. White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein has been particularly exploited by this problem, checking the average price of one gallon of gas every morning. He regrets that it is an item whose price is known to all because gas station billboards are ubiquitous across the country. “

The White House’s focus on gas prices stems from two absurd political conclusions drawn by top officials. The first is that they have no control over the issue. Gas has reached a new record high. “

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