Month: July 2022

An exhausted complaint of the entire GOP

Peter Wehner: “While it works, it needs to be said: For the past half-dozen years, the Republican Party and the American right – with very few respectable exceptions – have sided with Trump, defended him and attacked his critics. “Many more gladly propagated his lies and conspiracy theories. Together they tried to destroy the truth in his name, in his name, for their party, to seize and seize power.”

‚ÄúSome people console themselves by saying that they went on a journey so that they could promote their policy agenda. Others were afraid to speak. Still others have done it for ratings and money. Some Trump supporters were true believers. Some (figuratively) have argued their agreement with the devil; Others were more transparent and more brutal … “

“No matter; Trump’s presidency and those who made it possible are die cast. The events of January 6 were, in their own twisted way, a fitting condemnation for Trump’s presidency. It was so obvious, for so long, it will end well.” No. Trump was the mastermind behind the attack on the stronghold of American democracy, but he had a lot of help along the way

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