A man and a crowd

Andrew Sullivan: “There is no precedent in history for such an attack on the basic principles of the American Republic. None. And there is no precedent for a president who has been exposed as imaginary, his fever dream has come true, emphasizing the legitimacy of our democracy day after day.” The day is numbered. He can run for re-election – or he can run for president – a idea that only those who want to pass the American test can enjoy. “

“Understand the 12-page letter that Trump gave in response to the hearing. It’s the work of someone who has no form of reality, lie after lie, irrational lie, just literacy, the kind of thing you think was written by a madman when you get it in the mail. Any other president would agree on election night. Others in a real case (unlike Trump) – Nixon in 1960, Gore in 2000 – knew what their responsibilities were. They care more about the republic than themselves – an idea beyond Trump’s knowledge. He has never served as president in four years. He has only played the role of Trump.

“In the bitter end, he was just a man with a crowd. Not Republican. Not a politician. Not the president. Not a member of any political party, own cult. An idiot, ragging, bully. The hearings revealed it systematically and calmly through evidence provided by Republicans after the Republican witness, efficiently led by a Republican Liz Cheney.

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