America’s most miserable man

Mark Leibovich: “Trump has clearly said and done terrible and dangerous things – racist and cruel and painful dumb and perfectly bad things. .He is, perhaps, the biggest crying child among kids across the stage of history, from his opening-crowd bleeding on the first day to his bitter, ketchup-shaking end.Seriously, what public figure in the history of the world comes close? I’m really asking. “

“The best thing about our scrutiny – and even more compelling to me – is the enslaved Republicans whom Trump drew. It has been said before, but never enough emphasis: without the complexity of the Republican Party, Donald Trump is just one. Be a glorious geriatric fox-watching golfer. “

“I interviewed these partners on scores, trying to understand why they did what they did and how they could live with it. These are McCarthis and Grahams and all the other busy parasite suckers who worked for them during the Trump era, who humorous and persuaded him to the last, tired strain of American democracy. “

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