Best hope for Democrats in the medium term

Doug Sosnik: “The recent leak of a draft Supreme Court ruling overturning Rowe v. Wade is the best, and perhaps last, hope for a change in the outcome of the mid-2022 election. If the impending court decision does not change the current political dynamics, we will look back at the events of July and early November last year as the period for determining the outcome of this election cycle. “

But the window is about to close: “In the last four midterm elections, the people have made up their minds about Washington’s leadership in June and how it is going to vote in November.” According to Gallup, Trump’s 39% job approval in early February 2018, Obama’s 41% approval in June 2014, 45% approval in June 2010 and Bush’s 38% approval in March 2006 all coincide with their job approval on election day. “

Each of these presidents has “suffered significant defeats and lost control of at least one branch of Congress.”

That’s why the stakes are so high that it’s important for Democrats to enter this deadline to overturn the pending Rowe v. Wade decision as a way to change the course of the election. If they do not succeed in rebuilding the controversy over the midterm elections in the run-up to the Supreme Court’s pending ruling in Rowe, we will look back to the failure of Biden and the Democrats as a result of their electoral defeat last summer and early fall. November. “

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