Despite the revelations, electoral lies still dominate the GOP

NEW YORK TIMES: “The first three hearings of the House Committee on Jan. 6 have been deeply cut, if not broken. Post-election myths are repeated endlessly by former President Donald Trump and his supporters and embraced and spread by Republicans in Congress.”

A parade of Republican witnesses – his attorney general, William Barr, his daughter Ivanka Trump and his own campaign lawyers – knew he had lost the election and told him so. Doing so is illegal. Even the most active coup plotter, conservative lawyer John C. Eastman, admitted before Jan. 6 that his plan was illegal and unconstitutional, then apologized to the president after it led to public violence. “

Yet perhaps the most striking revelation is how deeply Mr. Trump’s contempt for truth and the rule of law has penetrated the Republican Party, rooted in the fertile soil of a right-wing electorate in conspiracy theories and well-intentioned tendencies. By the media of their choice. The Republican response to the hearing – a combination of indifference, apathy and duplicity – reflects how central to the party’s identity lies in the rigged election. “

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