Fallout from overturning row

The Economist: “America will be more dangerously divided after the Supreme Court decision. In the most ideological life-oriented state, the abortion system will be more stringent than in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, which allows not only maternal life, but also health care methods. Democrat-dominated states have codified Rowe’s right to abortion to the point of fetal efficacy, a more acceptable standard than in Norway and Sweden, where there are gestational limits for abortion at 12 and 18 weeks, respectively. In four states and the District of Columbia, late abortions are legally allowed without maternal health risks. And the fight for reproductive rights will heat up instead of cool. ”

Mike Pence, a former vice-president who appears to be running for president, appears to have called for a nationwide ban. Passed – one of the two drugs needed for medically induced abortion, the most common type now. More creative ways to prevent women from having abortions have been secured. Indicates war. “

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