If Trump loses, Republicans won’t work with him

Jeff Greenfield: “It’s Trump’s basic belief – or tropism – that he’s incapable of losing the election honestly. The loss itself is evidence of fraud, even a potential loss. When he lost to Ted Cruz in the Iowa Caucus, he tweeted: He claims that he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton in 2016 because ‘millions’ of aliens voted illegally.

“Given this key character trait, what do you think Trump would do if he were to face a serious rival for the 2024 nomination? Can he take the vote count that shows him losing the primary or caucus? Give up the temptation to challenge conference rules? (If you want to see a truly competitive GOP convention, see the 1912 Taft-Roosevelt War or the 1952 Eisenhower-Taft Conflict.)

“Most importantly, a Trump who has been denied a nomination – which must have been a horrible, disgusting product of his account that no one has ever seen – is a Trump who is campaigning for the presidency with a tendency to run independently and with resources. And whoever is nominated by the GOP There will be enough true believers to defeat. “

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