In 2021, MoveOn members wake up against injustice and run inspirational campaigns!

The year 2021 was quite a year, and the work we have done together is an inspiration – whether MoveOn members are working locally to shut down a toxic pipeline project, oblige corporations to benefit from right-wing conspiracy theories, or help keep people at home. . During the global epidemic, we have come together in moments of uncertainty and injustice. Here are some inspiring moments from 2021, where MoveOn’s incredible members and progressive partners have used the MoveOn Petition tool to bolster their campaigns. There are many more ways to campaign for MoveOn and more critical ongoing battles of which we are a part, but these achievements show how progressive change can begin by signing or initiating a petition!

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• When the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) suspended Shakari Richardson from participating in the Tokyo Olympics in July due to unreasonable, outdated and arbitrarily enforced rules surrounding cannabis, 600,000 Moveon members They came together and signed the petition USADA demands withdrawal of their fines and execution of Shakari! MoveOn members later partnered NORML Colorado, a leading advocate for changing marijuana laws in our country, Organizing a relay race to deliver the petition to the USADA.

The massive petition by Movon members was included in ESPN’s “The Today Show”, NBC’s “Nightly News” and numerous NPR articles, and Black Enterprise And other magazines, and petitions and hashtags #LetShaCarriRun have taken over Twitter, with celebrities and influentials like Debra Messing, David Jirin and Adina Porter showing their support!

The fight against black, brown and indigenous and community criminalization of cannabis use continues. And just weeks after the story of Shakari spread in all the news, U.S. Senators Corey Booker, Charles Schumer and Ron Wyden introduced legislation that is a historic first step in reversing the damage caused by unfair drug policy.

• In January, Mipello CEO Mike Lindell was photographed with a written note to give to Trump, instructing him to cancel the 2020 election through martial law. So MoveOn member Dennis C. Costco, MyPillow’s second-largest retailer, has filed a petition seeking the removal of MyPillow. About 300,000 Movon members signed Dennis’ petition, Won the campaign, and Costco removed MyPillow from all its stores! This is possible if we take action together.

পর After the January 6 uprising led by the deadly white supremacists, many corporations, such as General Motors (GM), fueled the uprising by promising to cut off political aid to Republicans. GM has broken that promise and donated PAC money to traitorous Republicans. We cannot normalize their behavior or stop corporations from hooking up to support elected officials who attack our democracy. So, around July 20,000 Moveon members have signed the petition Per Tell GM’s PAC: Keep your word and stop financing the rebellion.

On May 6, when the Israeli government forcibly evicted, killed and displaced Palestinians from their homes and spread violence, The 73,000 Moveon members signed the petition calling on President Biden to take immediate steps to ensure a ceasefire and find a just solution based on human dignity.

On August 8, when the Afghans had been suffering from decades of perpetual war, Movon Partner Afghans for a Better Tomorrow launched a petition urging the Biden administration and Congress to increase refugee caps at the airport to ensure the safety of Afghanistan’s most vulnerable people. Kabul is providing humanitarian assistance for the open, visa extension and assistance to Afghans. More than 128,000 Moveon members have signed the petitionFight for the future of Afghans without war, violence or humanitarian crisis. Since then, Afghans for a Better Tomorrow has become a leader of the progressive movement and has continued to support the dignity and protection of the Afghan people.

On September 8, the Supreme Court refused to restrain Texas’ heinous abortion ban from taking effect. Ultraviolet has launched a petition calling for the U.S. Senate to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA) to protect abortion access for all Americans. More than 227,000 Moveon members have signed the petition And we’ve passed on these signatures to Ultraviolet to Senator Richard Blumenthal and Representative Judy Chu, two of Bill’s co-sponsors.

On June 7, Honor the Earth, a tribal-led group, launched a petition to President Biden to stop construction of Enbridge Inc.’s Line 3 toxic Tar Sands pipeline project, which threatens indigenous people’s contract rights, clean water and climate. More than 84,000 Movon members have signed the petition. And in October, the petition was distributed by indigenous climate leaders and collaborators who organized #PeoplevsFossilFuels Week in DC to demand a fossil-free future and a real climate solution that includes justice.

Towards the end of July 8, millions of Americans were evicted despite the global epidemic. So end 62,000 Moveon members have signed the petition Echoes of Congresswoman Corey Bush Call and ask the Biden administration to extend the eviction stay so that people do not lose their homes.

Congresswoman Corey Bush took bold action and spent days and nights on the steps of the Capitol demanding that millions of Americans not be evicted. Representative Bush was accompanied by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Representative Aina Presley, and Mohana One Executive Director Rahna Epting!

On October 8, human rights lawyer Steven Donziger was jailed for revealing that Chevron had deliberately dumped 16 billion gallons of poisonous oil into Ecuador’s indigenous lands, poisoning Ecuador’s indigenous and poor communities. More than 43,000 Movon members have signed a petition seeking a review of Steven Donziger’s case.

শেষ Towards the end of the month, when news spread that Apple was giving Trump and his new social media app a platform, even after Trump instigated the deadly white hegemonic-led January 6 uprising, Moveon member Matthew Witten called on Apple to drop Trump’s new social media. Started. App More than 204,000 Moveon members have signed the petition!

On January 8, the Colonel Center, MoveOn’s partner in the global death penalty, launched a petition to the judiciary seeking to save the life of Lisa Montgomery, a victim of abuse, whom the federal government was about to execute incorrectly. More than 312,000 Moveon members Signed this petition Since we have tried to accomplish the almost impossible, a moratorium on executions in the face of indomitable adversity. Movon members came out in support of Lisa and her sister.

On July 7, Ben & Jerry (yes, from that Ben & Jerry ice cream) began a petition to Congress asking the super-rich and corporations to pay taxes so that they could pay their fair share instead of spending unnecessary resources to send them. Space. About 125,000 Moveon members have signed the petition. As the gap between the super-rich and the working people continued to widen, this was an essential principle of our advocacy surrounding the build-back better.

On August 7, after Republicans across the country passed hundreds of voter suppression laws, the Commonwealth launched a petition urging President Biden to do everything possible, including calling for the end of racist Jim Crow Phillibuster for our sacred protection. Suffrage. More than 40,000 Moveon members Congresswoman Nikema Williams, who works in the same district represented by longtime civil rights champion John Lewis, and Signed the petition. Since then, MoveOn members have partnered with Black Voters Matter, Common Cause, Stand Up America, Fix Our Senate, People for the American Way, the family of the late Congressman John Lewis, and other progressive allies to get 400,000 petition signatures to the White House. .

MoveOn’s Free Petition Platform is a powerful place where MoveOn members and progressive partners are able to run effective campaigns on issues affecting their communities. From the advances in climate justice, ethnic justice, suffrage, or economic justice, it was inspiring to see Movon members take action throughout the year.

Throughout the year, Movon members have signed petitions, initiated petitions, called their congressional members, hosted and participated in rallies and events, filed petitions, and more. And it all started with a petition on Movone’s free petition platform!

In 2022 and beyond, MoveOn members and progressive partners will continue to use the petition platform as a tool to organize and build strength for our community. And you can use the platform to start a petition on an issue that you are very careful about!

In solidarity,

-Jensin, Isbah, and MoveOn Petition Platform Team

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