Judges review state law-making powers in elections

“The Supreme Court on Thursday said it would consider what would be a radical change in the way federal elections are conducted, giving state legislatures the sole authority to determine the rules of contest, even if their actions violate the state constitution and create extreme bias for Congress. Seats, ”reports the Washington Post.

Vox: “This lawsuit is probably the biggest threat to American democracy since the January 6 attacks. It seeks to reinstate congressional maps rejected by the North Carolina Supreme Court because they are “subject to the traditional neutral rearrangement criteria for extreme biased benefits” for the Republican Party.

Rick Hassen: “Stop for a moment: The theory is that the state constitution, as defined by the state Supreme Court, is not the limit of law-making power. . “

“And this theory can’t just control the state’s highest court: it could potentially hinder state and local agencies and governors from enforcing election management rules.”

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