Kevin McCarthy, don’t you have a sense of decency?

David Fram: “Republicans don’t have to be a cover-up party. That’s a choice. Indeed, the story of the hearing was the courage and honesty of many individual Republicans, ending most spectacularly with the heroic testimony of former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson. But as an organization, the party has had to formulate a pro-Trump cover-up policy to date. ”

“This policy of protecting the former president involves pardoning the worst political crime in the president’s history – which further demonstrates a well-planned effort to hold the country’s highest office, first through fraud, then through coercion. A coup.

“One of the things we’ve learned about his administration is that Donald Trump didn’t get much value from his true believers. They’re usually too insane, too crooked, or too foolish to gain power and practice for him. He’s weak and He got the most value from the supine who can wield some power with less efficiency. House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy condemned Trump’s coup on record and in audio. Since then, he has shrunk from the active role he has played in the last 18 months.

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