MohanaOn’s executive director Rahna Epting reported the historic Supreme

In response to the news that President Biden Ketanzi will nominate Brown Jackson, Rahna Epting has issued the following statement:

“Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court, as reported by President Biden, is a historic moment for our country and an ongoing battle to ensure that justice under the law is equal. We’ve been in the Supreme Court for over 240 years without a black woman, and a lot of the past time to see a nicely nominated candidate that would bring that vision.

“Ketanji Brown Jackson is a prominent lawyer who serves as a judge of the Harvard Law School, the clerkship of the Supreme Court, and the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. He is the first nominee after Thergood Marshall to have experience as a defense lawyer.

“We look forward to a speedy confirmation that the GOP should have no hesitation in approaching the Supreme Court nominees because of Senator McConnell’s track record.”

“Today’s landmark announcement will undoubtedly close an ugly cesspool of racist and sexist attacks from the right. Moveon members across the country will be behind Judge Jackson and will hold any political leader responsible for the cowardly indecency in November. ”

“While multiple nominees will be needed to strike a balance in the Supreme Court hijacked by the right-wing seizure of power, Movon members are ready to see Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation, to secure and push this critical and historic moment. Go back to attack and confusion throughout this process. “

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