MohanaOn’s executive director Rahna Epting said in a statement that House Build Back Better

Historic investments in jobs, care, climate and immigration are huge victories for America.

Following the House pass of the Build Back Better Act, Rahna Epting issued the following statement:

“It’s a historic day, and it’s a historic law.

Eight million people turned out last November to push Democrats into both the White House and the Congress majority. Today, President Biden and the House Democrats have delivered a huge victory for immigrants with bold investments in jobs, care, climate and security, as well as paying more than their fair share of 1% tax.

“The Build Back Better Act provides historic funding for the essential care of our children and the elderly; The biggest investment in history to tackle the climate crisis and move forward with a more equitable, clean-energy economy; Including a critical reduction in the cost of healthcare, prescription drugs and childcare. It also reflects the administration’s continued commitment to advancing well-paying jobs and important immigration reforms. It would make the lives of almost all Americans better, and ultimately pay the rich more than their fair share of taxes.

“Today’s House Passage is a huge leap forward in the path of a just recovery for all. Now, the Senate needs to do their part and pass the Build Back Better Act as soon as they return. The American people can’t wait any longer. ”

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