Mohenjo-daro executive director Rahna Epting’s statement in the Senate vote in Philibuster

The fight for freedom of the vote continues

We need more elected leaders who fight Us Instead of their own power.

Statement by Rahna Ipting, Executive Director of Movon:

“The choice between addressing President Biden’s grave and defending the growing threat to our democracy or the mysterious Senate Philistine rule has been determined forcefully and correctly. Sadly, every Republican senator has refused to listen to the call of history and has been in favor of the separatist practice of keeping people away from our democracy.

“Despite the actions of Trump and Senate Republicans, the right to vote could still be protected if the Democratic Caucus remained united with the vast majority of Americans who support freedom of the vote.

“Our fight for democracy is not over. Today’s vote in Philibuster would never have happened without the continued pressure from many generations of civil rights leaders and countless groups and activists, as well as the progressive leadership of Congress. We the people are strong, and together we will move forward. We will not allow Republicans to try to rule through boycott, condemnation, and chaos, because the January 6 uprising showed us what this kind of America would look like.

“Millions of Moveon members will take this fight to the ballot box in 2022 and 2024 so that more leaders can be elected. Us Instead of their own power. We call on Congress to do what is morally right and to pass freedom of the vote: John R. Lewis Law 6 We will continue to push state legislatures and fight right-wing obstructionists as they try to silence black, brown, indigenous, rural, and low-income Americans and people with disabilities.

“From local offices to Congress, we must elect people who reflect our shared values ​​and all communities in our country. Only when we all have the ability to participate in the democratic process, regardless of our color, party or zip code, do we We can make real progress towards economics and democracy that works for all. ”

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