MoveOn Executive Director Rahna Epting on Federal Student Loan Expansion

Now is the time for permanent debt relief

Washington DC – In response to President Biden extending the federally held student loan disbursement break, Movon Executive Director Rahna Epting issued the following statement:

“This is a welcome and necessary announcement by the White House to extend the student loan break, considering the extent to which the student loan system has collapsed. Due to the continued inaction of Congress, we strongly urge President Biden to build his leadership on this issue and provide permanent relief to millions of Americans through an executive order canceling student loans.

“The moratorium will continue to provide temporary relief to millions of people from having to choose between debt repayment and basic necessities like housing, food and medicine. But today’s move still does not address the overall skyrocketing student loan crisis that challenges educational and economic well-being, equity and mobility for a large number of working people and their families. Debt relief will be a lifeline for epidemics and inflation বিশেষ especially for black and brown Americans, who are burdened unequally by student loan debt, as well as for low-income seniors.

“This is an issue that is important and deeply personal to the millions of Movon members who have been around for the past few years Has signed dozens of petitions In this regard, members of Congress and the White House have made countless calls and taken steps in DC to cancel student loans. “


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