MovingOn Executive Director Rahna Dak Epting about the signing of the bill

Now it’s time to fire DJ

Washington DC – In response to President Biden’s signing of the USPS Fund Bill, Movon Executive Director Rahna Epting issued the following statement:

“This is a major victory for the millions of people across the country who have taken action and voiced their support for the protection of this essential American organization from the forces that were hell-bent on destroying it through privatization and privatization. The United States must end its defense of the postal service by dismissing Louis Dixon. “

“Today’s victory ensures that whatever your zip code, you can rely on the post office to get important mails and life-saving medicines on time as well as ensure family sustainable jobs for about 650,000 government employees. These postal services are especially needed for the elderly and for black, brown, white, and Native Americans living in rural and tribal communities. But as Donald Trump continues to be chosen as the postmaster general for the privatization of the post office, everything we celebrate today will be in jeopardy. “

“President Biden will have to end the work he started by securing enough recruiters on the USPS board to fire DJ,” he said. Americans finally want to believe again that snow, rain or Trump recruiters will not delay their mail. “

To save the post office, MoveOn:

  • Has worked with partners to organize more than 800 rallies at post offices across the country
  • Collected 1.4 million signatures on the petition Save the post office
  • Members have made thousands of phone calls to their elected officials
  • Over 100,000 mailed “We love mail carriers” Sticker To members


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