New insights into Trump’s mental state on January 6th

“He was not speaking figuratively. This was not an offhand comment. Every intention was to join a crowd of supporters of President Donald Trump who knew he could be armed and dangerous when it came to the Capitol. And even Congress was told to march in the House chamber itself to prevent it from approving its electoral defeat, ”the New York Times reported.

“For over a year and a half, Mr. Trump has benefited from uncertainty about what he was thinking on January 6, 2021, and has been saved from ambiguity and misconduct. If he really believes the election has been stolen, if he expects a real rally. There will be a peaceful protest in the Capitol, the argument is gone, can he be held accountable, much less accused, for that catastrophe?

“But as a man who famously avoids emails or other avenues to prove his nefarious intentions, any doubts about what Mr. Trump actually thinks in the days of violence seem to have been dispelled by the evidence presented in recent weeks.” Last week the dramatic appearance of a 26-year-old former White House aide who offered a cool portrait of a president willing to do anything to hang on to power.

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