MohanaOn’s executive director Rahna Epting said in a statement that House Build Back Better

Historic investments in jobs, care, climate and immigration are huge victories for America.

Following the House pass of the Build Back Better Act, Rahna Epting issued the following statement:

“It’s a historic day, and it’s a historic law.

Eight million people turned out last November to push Democrats into both the White House and the Congress majority. Today, President Biden and the House Democrats have delivered a huge victory for immigrants with bold investments in jobs, care, climate and security, as well as paying more than their fair share of 1% tax.

“The Build Back Better Act provides historic funding for the essential care of our children and the elderly; The biggest investment in history to tackle the climate crisis and move forward with a more equitable, clean-energy economy; Including a critical reduction in the cost of healthcare, prescription drugs and childcare. It also reflects the administration’s continued commitment to advancing well-paying jobs and important immigration reforms. It would make the lives of almost all Americans better, and ultimately pay the rich more than their fair share of taxes.

“Today’s House Passage is a huge leap forward in the path of a just recovery for all. Now, the Senate needs to do their part and pass the Build Back Better Act as soon as they return. The American people can’t wait any longer. ”

MoveOn members support Beto O’Rourke for governor of Texas

Texas – MoveOn’s Texas members voted overwhelmingly in favor of Beto O’Rourke in the state’s governorate race, with 97% voting in favor of O’Rourke.

MoveOn has more than 900,000 members in Texas, and the O’Rourke Approval is one of MoveOn’s first two approvals for governor in 2022, the other being Stacey Abrams of Georgia. These two nations were elected first because the next governor will play a vital role in the lives of their constituents, as well as we will maintain a functioning democracy where the people have the right to determine whether they will retain the right to count their votes. And indeed determine the winner of the election.

Beto O’Rourke’s race for governor against Republican Greg Abbott is the next step in the ongoing struggle to ensure politicians’ focus on issues Texans need, including improving the power grid. Creating jobs, restoring a woman’s right to choose and expanding Medicaid.

“In our democracy, Beto O’Rourke needs a leader right now.” Said Rahna Ipting, executive director of Moveon Political Action. “It’s imperative that the people of Texas have a governor in their heart, with the best interests of each person in mind. Science and safety are in line with this race, and it’s time to protect the Texans across the state. “

The decision by MoveOn members to approve Beto will enable statewide and national grassroots networks to begin fundraising, as well as on-the-ground and digitally organized efforts on its behalf. The approval follows MoveOn’s extensive organizational efforts to get members to vote, volunteer and contribute to the successful defeat of Donald Trump in Texas, and it supports their continued efforts to hold Greg Abbott accountable.

Beto O’Rourke, a fourth-generation Texan, was born and raised in El Paso, where he is a small business owner, a member of the City Council, and has served as the United States Representative in Congress. Beto has dedicated his career to advocating and upholding progressive values ​​and legislation inside and outside the state. He has worked hard to strengthen our democracy and expand the social safety net.

Beto O’Rourke will also give Texas a voice that once again believes in science and truth, instead of Greg Abbott’s conspiracy theories about vaccines, masks and Trump rebels attacking Congress.

Here’s what some MoveOn members in Texas had to say about O’Rourke:

“Beto has done day-to-day footwork across the state and proved that he is willing to invest in long-term infrastructure critical to democratic gain in Texas.” -Patrick M, McKinney, TX

“Beto believes that we all deserve better and should behave better. His honesty and openness is something that this state desperately needs. Beto needs a governor of Texas! -Christopher S., Richmond, TX

“I have no doubt that Beto will work hard for the people of Texas and make honest and fair decisions for all Texas.” -Carol M., Carrollton, TX

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Moveon members support Stacey Abrams for governor of Georgia

Georgia – Georgia members of MoveOn voted overwhelmingly in favor of Stacey Abrams running for state governor, with 97% voting in favor of Abrams.

MoveOn has over 400,000 members in Georgia and Abrams Approval One of MoveOn’s first two approvals for governor in 2022 is Beto O’Rourke of Texas. These two nations were elected first because the next governor will play a vital role in their constituency life and will also be the cornerstone of determining whether we will maintain a functioning democracy where people retain the right to count their votes and actually determine the winner of the election.

Stacey Abrams’ race for governor against a divided and extreme Republican party in Georgia will determine whether people get the support they need for the job, if a woman’s right to choose is protected by Trump’s Supreme Court and whether Medicaid is expanded.

“Stacey Abrams is the leader we need in our democracy right now.” Said Rahna Ipting, executive director of Moveon Political Action. “The stakes are high for next year’s midterm elections, and Americans have their livelihoods and rights on the line. The people of Georgia need a governor who not only understands them but is willing to fight for those rights.

The decision by MoveOn members to support Abrams will enable statewide and national grassroots networks to begin fundraising, as well as on-the-ground and digitally organized efforts on his behalf. In 2018, MoveOn members raised more than 1 million for the Abrams campaign, an election that electrified both Peach State and the country.

After three years of challenging Abrams Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp in an election that he lost for a short time, Abrams faces a new challenge presented by Georgia’s ever-changing political landscape. More than 1.2 million new voters have entered Georgia since 2018, with a younger and more diverse population. By making his name as a franchise activist, Abrams quickly became a thorn in the side of Republicans. However, Republicans do not like current Governor Brian Kemp very much, giving Abrams the ability to build a strong base of diverse voters.

Stacey Abrams was the first black woman to be elected governor of a major party in the United States and received more votes than any other Democrat in state history. During his tenure in Georgia’s House of Representatives, Abrams single-handedly fought to improve the lives of all Georgians by stopping the largest tax increase on middle-class Georgians in state history, advancing criminal justice reform that reduced prison costs without increasing crime, and the state’s largest public transporter. Working with Republicans on funding packages.

Stacey Abrams is hoping for a statewide construction Operations that culturally reflect the diversity of the state. Abrams recognized The epidemic has caused historic suffering that has exacerbated racial and income inequality in Georgia, and Georgians plan to take immediate action to address the problems they face.

Here is what some Georgian Movon members said about Abrams:

“Stacey Abrams has worked hard year after year and has shown that the people of Georgia are at her heart.” –Brenda V., Lawrenceville, GA

“Stacey Abrams is the only candidate for me. She thinks locally, and her predictions for Georgia are for the future at the national level.” –German B., Atlanta, GA

“Stacey has worked tirelessly for all of us over the years. He will make a great governor.” –Katherine K., Thomasville, GA

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Moveon members support Jessica Cisneros for Congress

Texas – MoveOn’s Texas members voted decisively in support Jessica Cisneros For the U.S. House of Representatives, 80% voted in favor of Cisneros for the 28th congressional district of Texas.

This early election represents a rivalry for the Democratic PartySays Rahna Ipting, executive director of Moveon Political Action. “Jessica Cisneros is an outspoken champion of the South Texans. He will fight for everyday people in his community and in the halls of Congress, while Republican Henry Queller will be at the forefront of the health and well-being of all his constituencies with the corporation and the rich.

Movon is proud to support political action cisneros. As a human rights attorney, Laredo is a native, and as a community leader, Cicero has worked to advance policies that ensure that everyone can improve. Over the next two months, MoveOn members will be activating their grassroots Texas network as a volunteer to reach out to voters, raise money for campaigns and organize people in the digital space.

Here’s what the Texas MoveOne members have to say about why they support Jessica Cisneros:

“I believe that Jessica Cesneros represents true democratic values. He will fight for the poor and working-class Texans, not just the rich and well-off. – Anna R., Laredo, TX

“He is a warrior. We need a truly progressive democracy in Congress. Someone with a new perspective. -Florenceio R., Roma, TX

“I’m tired of voting for the little guy with Congressman Henry Queller’s Republicans. His allegiance to the oil and gas industry is hurting our community. Jessica Cisneros will stand up for the special interests of Washington and the Texans every day. “- Ed B., Floresville, TX

Moveon about political action: The 2022 election will be Movon’s biggest grassroots organized effort in an intermediate cycle. In 2020, MoveOn members:

  • Has raised more than that 7 million Small-dollar donations, with almost 4 million Including those directed at critical down-ballot Senate and House races;
  • Sent 155 million Made text messages to voters across the country and 188,000 calls to voters in the targeted state;
  • Organized 986,306 Volunteers for a relational voter program who are more involved than that 3 million They personally know the voters of the battlefield state; And
  • Spread over 5 million In targeted advertising campaigns.


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Mohenjo-daro executive director Rahna Epting’s statement in the Senate vote in Philibuster

The fight for freedom of the vote continues

We need more elected leaders who fight Us Instead of their own power.

Statement by Rahna Ipting, Executive Director of Movon:

“The choice between addressing President Biden’s grave and defending the growing threat to our democracy or the mysterious Senate Philistine rule has been determined forcefully and correctly. Sadly, every Republican senator has refused to listen to the call of history and has been in favor of the separatist practice of keeping people away from our democracy.

“Despite the actions of Trump and Senate Republicans, the right to vote could still be protected if the Democratic Caucus remained united with the vast majority of Americans who support freedom of the vote.

“Our fight for democracy is not over. Today’s vote in Philibuster would never have happened without the continued pressure from many generations of civil rights leaders and countless groups and activists, as well as the progressive leadership of Congress. We the people are strong, and together we will move forward. We will not allow Republicans to try to rule through boycott, condemnation, and chaos, because the January 6 uprising showed us what this kind of America would look like.

“Millions of Moveon members will take this fight to the ballot box in 2022 and 2024 so that more leaders can be elected. Us Instead of their own power. We call on Congress to do what is morally right and to pass freedom of the vote: John R. Lewis Law 6 We will continue to push state legislatures and fight right-wing obstructionists as they try to silence black, brown, indigenous, rural, and low-income Americans and people with disabilities.

“From local offices to Congress, we must elect people who reflect our shared values ​​and all communities in our country. Only when we all have the ability to participate in the democratic process, regardless of our color, party or zip code, do we We can make real progress towards economics and democracy that works for all. ”

In 2021, MoveOn members wake up against injustice and run inspirational campaigns!

The year 2021 was quite a year, and the work we have done together is an inspiration – whether MoveOn members are working locally to shut down a toxic pipeline project, oblige corporations to benefit from right-wing conspiracy theories, or help keep people at home. . During the global epidemic, we have come together in moments of uncertainty and injustice. Here are some inspiring moments from 2021, where MoveOn’s incredible members and progressive partners have used the MoveOn Petition tool to bolster their campaigns. There are many more ways to campaign for MoveOn and more critical ongoing battles of which we are a part, but these achievements show how progressive change can begin by signing or initiating a petition!

Rotating diagram of petition and petition delivery

• When the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) suspended Shakari Richardson from participating in the Tokyo Olympics in July due to unreasonable, outdated and arbitrarily enforced rules surrounding cannabis, 600,000 Moveon members They came together and signed the petition USADA demands withdrawal of their fines and execution of Shakari! MoveOn members later partnered NORML Colorado, a leading advocate for changing marijuana laws in our country, Organizing a relay race to deliver the petition to the USADA.

The massive petition by Movon members was included in ESPN’s “The Today Show”, NBC’s “Nightly News” and numerous NPR articles, and Black Enterprise And other magazines, and petitions and hashtags #LetShaCarriRun have taken over Twitter, with celebrities and influentials like Debra Messing, David Jirin and Adina Porter showing their support!

The fight against black, brown and indigenous and community criminalization of cannabis use continues. And just weeks after the story of Shakari spread in all the news, U.S. Senators Corey Booker, Charles Schumer and Ron Wyden introduced legislation that is a historic first step in reversing the damage caused by unfair drug policy.

• In January, Mipello CEO Mike Lindell was photographed with a written note to give to Trump, instructing him to cancel the 2020 election through martial law. So MoveOn member Dennis C. Costco, MyPillow’s second-largest retailer, has filed a petition seeking the removal of MyPillow. About 300,000 Movon members signed Dennis’ petition, Won the campaign, and Costco removed MyPillow from all its stores! This is possible if we take action together.

পর After the January 6 uprising led by the deadly white supremacists, many corporations, such as General Motors (GM), fueled the uprising by promising to cut off political aid to Republicans. GM has broken that promise and donated PAC money to traitorous Republicans. We cannot normalize their behavior or stop corporations from hooking up to support elected officials who attack our democracy. So, around July 20,000 Moveon members have signed the petition Per Tell GM’s PAC: Keep your word and stop financing the rebellion.

On May 6, when the Israeli government forcibly evicted, killed and displaced Palestinians from their homes and spread violence, The 73,000 Moveon members signed the petition calling on President Biden to take immediate steps to ensure a ceasefire and find a just solution based on human dignity.

On August 8, when the Afghans had been suffering from decades of perpetual war, Movon Partner Afghans for a Better Tomorrow launched a petition urging the Biden administration and Congress to increase refugee caps at the airport to ensure the safety of Afghanistan’s most vulnerable people. Kabul is providing humanitarian assistance for the open, visa extension and assistance to Afghans. More than 128,000 Moveon members have signed the petitionFight for the future of Afghans without war, violence or humanitarian crisis. Since then, Afghans for a Better Tomorrow has become a leader of the progressive movement and has continued to support the dignity and protection of the Afghan people.

On September 8, the Supreme Court refused to restrain Texas’ heinous abortion ban from taking effect. Ultraviolet has launched a petition calling for the U.S. Senate to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA) to protect abortion access for all Americans. More than 227,000 Moveon members have signed the petition And we’ve passed on these signatures to Ultraviolet to Senator Richard Blumenthal and Representative Judy Chu, two of Bill’s co-sponsors.

On June 7, Honor the Earth, a tribal-led group, launched a petition to President Biden to stop construction of Enbridge Inc.’s Line 3 toxic Tar Sands pipeline project, which threatens indigenous people’s contract rights, clean water and climate. More than 84,000 Movon members have signed the petition. And in October, the petition was distributed by indigenous climate leaders and collaborators who organized #PeoplevsFossilFuels Week in DC to demand a fossil-free future and a real climate solution that includes justice.

Towards the end of July 8, millions of Americans were evicted despite the global epidemic. So end 62,000 Moveon members have signed the petition Echoes of Congresswoman Corey Bush Call and ask the Biden administration to extend the eviction stay so that people do not lose their homes.

Congresswoman Corey Bush took bold action and spent days and nights on the steps of the Capitol demanding that millions of Americans not be evicted. Representative Bush was accompanied by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Representative Aina Presley, and Mohana One Executive Director Rahna Epting!

On October 8, human rights lawyer Steven Donziger was jailed for revealing that Chevron had deliberately dumped 16 billion gallons of poisonous oil into Ecuador’s indigenous lands, poisoning Ecuador’s indigenous and poor communities. More than 43,000 Movon members have signed a petition seeking a review of Steven Donziger’s case.

শেষ Towards the end of the month, when news spread that Apple was giving Trump and his new social media app a platform, even after Trump instigated the deadly white hegemonic-led January 6 uprising, Moveon member Matthew Witten called on Apple to drop Trump’s new social media. Started. App More than 204,000 Moveon members have signed the petition!

On January 8, the Colonel Center, MoveOn’s partner in the global death penalty, launched a petition to the judiciary seeking to save the life of Lisa Montgomery, a victim of abuse, whom the federal government was about to execute incorrectly. More than 312,000 Moveon members Signed this petition Since we have tried to accomplish the almost impossible, a moratorium on executions in the face of indomitable adversity. Movon members came out in support of Lisa and her sister.

On July 7, Ben & Jerry (yes, from that Ben & Jerry ice cream) began a petition to Congress asking the super-rich and corporations to pay taxes so that they could pay their fair share instead of spending unnecessary resources to send them. Space. About 125,000 Moveon members have signed the petition. As the gap between the super-rich and the working people continued to widen, this was an essential principle of our advocacy surrounding the build-back better.

On August 7, after Republicans across the country passed hundreds of voter suppression laws, the Commonwealth launched a petition urging President Biden to do everything possible, including calling for the end of racist Jim Crow Phillibuster for our sacred protection. Suffrage. More than 40,000 Moveon members Congresswoman Nikema Williams, who works in the same district represented by longtime civil rights champion John Lewis, and Signed the petition. Since then, MoveOn members have partnered with Black Voters Matter, Common Cause, Stand Up America, Fix Our Senate, People for the American Way, the family of the late Congressman John Lewis, and other progressive allies to get 400,000 petition signatures to the White House. .

MoveOn’s Free Petition Platform is a powerful place where MoveOn members and progressive partners are able to run effective campaigns on issues affecting their communities. From the advances in climate justice, ethnic justice, suffrage, or economic justice, it was inspiring to see Movon members take action throughout the year.

Throughout the year, Movon members have signed petitions, initiated petitions, called their congressional members, hosted and participated in rallies and events, filed petitions, and more. And it all started with a petition on Movone’s free petition platform!

In 2022 and beyond, MoveOn members and progressive partners will continue to use the petition platform as a tool to organize and build strength for our community. And you can use the platform to start a petition on an issue that you are very careful about!

In solidarity,

-Jensin, Isbah, and MoveOn Petition Platform Team

MohanaOn’s executive director Rahna Epting reported the historic Supreme

In response to the news that President Biden Ketanzi will nominate Brown Jackson, Rahna Epting has issued the following statement:

“Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court, as reported by President Biden, is a historic moment for our country and an ongoing battle to ensure that justice under the law is equal. We’ve been in the Supreme Court for over 240 years without a black woman, and a lot of the past time to see a nicely nominated candidate that would bring that vision.

“Ketanji Brown Jackson is a prominent lawyer who serves as a judge of the Harvard Law School, the clerkship of the Supreme Court, and the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. He is the first nominee after Thergood Marshall to have experience as a defense lawyer.

“We look forward to a speedy confirmation that the GOP should have no hesitation in approaching the Supreme Court nominees because of Senator McConnell’s track record.”

“Today’s landmark announcement will undoubtedly close an ugly cesspool of racist and sexist attacks from the right. Moveon members across the country will be behind Judge Jackson and will hold any political leader responsible for the cowardly indecency in November. ”

“While multiple nominees will be needed to strike a balance in the Supreme Court hijacked by the right-wing seizure of power, Movon members are ready to see Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation, to secure and push this critical and historic moment. Go back to attack and confusion throughout this process. “

GOP gas price spikes as big oil and siding with dictators

MoveOn ads will run during NCAA March Madness on GA, PA, and WI with #PutinPriceHike aerial banners, mobile billboards, and stickers.

MoveOn Political Action March Madness has released a new ad campaign in the major battlefield states, showing how, in the face of rising consumer gas prices, Republicans are on the side of Big Oil and dictators. Big Oil is supporting Republicans because they make record profits and pay huge dividends to shareholders, paid by the family every time they go to the pump. And while Americans are fighting for Putin’s ability to raise prices at the pump, Trump has praised the dictator for being “talented” and “intelligent.”

“For decades, Republicans have helped Big Oil pad their sky-high profits and resisted any attempt to move away from fossil fuels. Now we’re all paying the price at the pump,” he said. Rahna Epting, Executive Director of MoveOn Political Action. “And even as gas prices rise, Republicans are still blocking Democrats from investing in green-energy that will create 8 million jobs. It’s clear that Republicans will not side with Big Oil and dictators regardless of the cost for hard-working families across America.”

The TV commercial will be aired in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin during the NCAA Basketball Tournament, one of the highest-rated events of the year. MoveOn will help spread the message by bringing members together, using aerial banners and mobile billboards, and distributing #PutinPriceHike stickers to local communities.

The ad can be seen Here.


Let’s move on One of the largest independent progressive advocacy groups in the United States that brings millions together for a better society – where everyone can improve. Whether by supporting candidates, passing legislation or changing our national culture, MoveOn members are committed to uniting for an inclusive and progressive future characterized by equality, sustainability and justice.

All about recalculation

“I’m demanding a recount!” All the headlines spread during the 2000 presidential election between Al Gore and George W. Bush. Twenty years later, President Trump and his administration made the same demand following Joe Biden’s official call as the country’s elected president. How often do recalculations occur? Will they be able to change the election results? Is the recount law the same in every state? Today we dive into recounts and see how much (or how little) they affect the final outcome of the election.

Support for Al Gore and George W. Bush before the Supreme Court in 2000

Before recounting becomes an option, it is a good starting point to understand the basic steps of vote counting which is the same process in every state. The first step is to verify the eligibility of voters by requiring election officials in the mail-in ballot or when checking voters at polling stations. Once all ballots have been cast, they are counted and the unofficial results are announced to the public. The election results then go through the promotion and certification process. Canvassing is how state and local officials ensure the legitimacy of the ballot. Canvassing results are used when election officials certify the final election results.

What is a recalculation?

A recount is a formal process where votes cast in an election are recounted to ensure the accuracy of the final result. Election recounts can take place from local to state presidential level. In the case of presidential elections, recounts are required at the state level.

Why and how will the recalculation take place?

In the event of a potential administrative error, election fraud or close competition, recounts may occur automatically or at the request of the voter or candidate (usually the loser).

The U.S. election administration has been reported as a low-funding program that could result in a lack of resources, equipment errors, and administrative errors during lengthy processing. Following the COVID-19 epidemic, election officials appealed to Congress for help. States received $ 400 million in funding that was significant enough to expand voting options and prepare for unprecedented changes in electoral processes. Despite doubts about election security, the Brennan Center for Justice reports that voter fraud is very rare and that US elections have become more secure in the last 4 years. When it comes to race closures, states need a close vote gap – either percentage or number of votes – to begin recounts.

Through Getty Images

Is the recount law different from state to state?

They must! As of November 2020, Eighteen states There is at least one law that triggers an automatic recount if the results are in the nearest voting interval. Five states There is a law that will require an automatic recount of events when there is a tie Four states Any inconsistencies require automatic recalculation.

For the requested recount, Forty-three states There are laws, including in Washington DC, that allow losing candidates, voters, or other parties involved to apply for a recount. Some states already allow requested recounts within a specified interval of votes, and others allow requested recounts only for the ballot system and not for the candidate race.

Is the calculation simple?

Not as much as you might think. FairVote conducted a survey of 4,687 state-wide general elections between 2000-2015. There were only 27 state recounts and 15 (only 58% of statewide elections!) Were considered “international.” FairVote found the same thing in sub-categories in statewide elections, including recounts of only 3 out of 808 elections for governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general and treasurer’s office. The results are less likely to be reversed than recounts. Of the 15 compliance recalculations in the survey, only 3 reversals were reported.

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Justice Thomas must resign or be indicted

Thomas Trump disagrees with Supreme Court ruling on release of White House documents – which we now know includes Ginny Thomas Text

Washington DC – In response to multiple news outlets reporting on Ginny Thomas’ text message to the Trump White House, Movon executive director Rahna Epting issued the following statement:

“Ironically, we learned last night that Ginny Thomas Was texting Trump to redouble his efforts to overthrow the democratically elected United States government, including sending White House officials Joe Biden and election officials to Guantanamo Bay.

“Ginny Thomas’s writings were not just an attack on our nation; They expressed a direct conflict of interest for Justice Thomas when a lawsuit was filed in the Supreme Court over whether Trump needed to disclose White House communications when we now know that his wife’s text was included. Justice Thomas was Only White House officials voted against the release of the documents.

“It simply came to our notice then. Justice Thomas despised himself and American democracy. He must resign immediately or face impeachment. ”


Let’s move on, One of the largest independent progressive advocacy groups in the United States, uniting millions for a better society – where everyone can improve. Whether by supporting candidates, passing legislation or changing our national culture, MoveOn members are committed to uniting for an inclusive and progressive future characterized by equality, sustainability and justice.