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Voter Engagement Tool, powered by Voterly

What are the biggest barriers to preventing citizens from voting? Information, accessibility, and resources, to name a few. Voterly is on a mission to bring voters comfort and give them confidence to participate in democracy. That’s why we provide digital voter tools to like-minded organizations like HeadCount and Motivote to help educate and engage voters.

Voterly proudly offers digital voter tools that can be embedded on any website. If your organization’s goal is to inform and organize voters, then we have the technology to strengthen your efforts.

Find my representative

Us Find my representative The tool can be used to research representatives at the local, state and federal levels. By inputting their address, a voter can view a list of their elected officials. Users can click on any profile to be directed to Voterly, where they can learn more about the officeholder. Each profile contains data on a politician’s summary, job history, priority issues, and campaign funding.

This tool serves anyone who is looking for fast and easily accessible data from their representatives. Moving towards the election, it is a reliable source for research of current office holders and those who are competing for additional positions. This allows the user to find all their relevant politicians in one place.

Check it out for yourself! Us Find my representative The tool is live on Headcount’s website. Their organization emphasizes voter organization and registration. Our tool assists newly registered voters in their endeavors by enabling them to learn more about the politicians they represent and to connect with them.

Voter registration check

We have an offer Voter registration check Tool. It can be used to check a voter’s registration status, to be notified of any changes, and to point users to their state’s voter registration page if they are not registered. Many states have a process where inactive voters are removed from the voter registration list. This is often referred to as “voter cleansing”. Some states will not even notify voters that they are being removed, leaving them to find out when trying to vote. To avoid that problem our voter registration has been checked, allowing users to double check their registration, as well as warning them to change.

This tool serves voters who have already registered to vote. It empowers voters to go to the polls with confidence knowing they are eligible to participate in democracy.

Try the tool in Voterly. Like Find my representative Tool, Voter registration check Can be embedded on any site.

Smart ballot

Coming soon! Us Smart ballot The tool will be available for embedding on any website in 2022. The most interactive tool Voterly offers, Smart ballot Allows anyone to input their address and view their sample ballot online. From local to federal level, all competitions can be viewed. From there, users can click on a candidate and be directed to Voterley’s Politician profile, where they can do further research. Once they are selected, users will be able to save, download and print their ballots for use as a voter guide. They can even share them Smart ballot With friends, with family, and on social media if they like.

If you want to vote with confidence, preparation is the key. Smart ballot Provides a plan to the voter by providing reliable and accurate candidate information. Any organization that wants to organize voters can do so with good conscience Smart ballotNot just encouraging people to vote, but informing them.

Partner with us

Resources are needed to try to encourage civic participation. Voterly provides reliable data to strengthen any voter-centric organization, so that it can provide all the resources its users need. Interested in getting started? Contact us at [email protected] and let us know how we can serve you.

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Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson sure!

Republicans in the Senate did everything in their power to derail and weaken Justice Jackson’s nomination, with his confirmation hearing seen as an opportunity to spread racist, sexist bile and ridiculous conspiracy theories. But above all, Justice Jackson refused to bow to their level, even maintaining his restraint during some foreign attacks from Republicans.

And through that, Movon members like you were there to support Justice Jackson and to oppose Republicans’ efforts to stop his confirmation.

Since its confirmation hearing began:

  • Moveon members have made about 10,000 calls to Congress in support of his confirmation,
  • More than 80,000 members have signed a petition calling for his release,
  • Young Movon members took to the streets in front of the Supreme Court to show their immediate support on the day of his nomination, and
  • 150,000 people have ordered these beautiful stickers designed by artist Amanda Mustard to show their support for her historic nomination.

You can join thousands of fellow MoveOn members today to celebrate Justice Jackson’s confirmation by ordering your free KBJ sticker, leaving it somewhere visible and sharing this message with your family and friends! Click here to order now.

Justice Jackson will be a voice for the people in court, as a public defender and has served on a sentencing commission. After Mitch McConnell and the Republicans pack it up with far-right conservatives, the work will have to continue to balance the court. We need at least three judges in court, Jackson, because we have human and civil rights on the line. So grab your sticker now as a reminder of what is at stake in our work to proudly demonstrate your support for this historic confirmation and to build an America where everyone can improve.

Thank you for everything you have done.


1. “Senate confirms Jackson, the first black woman to be promoted to the Supreme Court.” New York Times, April 7, 2022

What is Philibuster and why is everyone talking about it?

Picture Will Rust

As 2021 draws to a close, the Senate is in disagreement with the Memorandum of Understanding. Tensions among lawmakers have risen as the Democrat-led Social Expenditure Bill, the Build Back Better Plan, has stalled. A promise to pass a federal voting rights bill has yet to be fulfilled. The pressure on Americans is mounting at a time when inflation is rising and there is a global epidemic. With all the legal impasse, President Biden and major Democrat players are considering tougher measures to pass the bills.

The biggest blocker law in the Senate is Philipbuster. Philibuster is a strategy that minority parties use to prolong the debate on a bill and prevent it from being passed. A bill can be passed by a simple majority vote of 51-50, but if it is a filibuster, it must have 60 votes to end the debate and then the bill must be passed by that simple majority vote. Basically, with today’s use of Philibuster, any law requires a maximum majority of 60 votes because that is what it will take to get the bill to the final vote. Filebuster was never written in the constitution, which is why its rules and usage have changed over time. Although the previous Senate majority changed the rules for the sake of their cause, Democrats in this term are keeping a close eye on whether they are discussing new rule changes or even rumors to repeal Philibuster.

How will that work?

Democrats have the opportunity to establish a “nuclear alternative.” It is a parliamentary process where the Senate majority can bypass a rule by a simple majority vote. For the majority, it is a last resort for minorities like Philibuster to overcome any obstacle. However, since it is a tough measure to take, it is difficult to gain even a simple majority support. Two current Democrat senators, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kirsten Cinema of Arizona, have agreed to ignore the Philibuster rule.

This is not the first time the nuclear option has been used. Both parties took advantage of this at one time or another, first used by Senate Democrats in 2013. This allows the party to appoint federal judges with a simple majority instead of the original super majority (not including the Supreme Court).

What was the real purpose of Philibuster?

In the first few years of the country’s democracy, laws can be passed by a simple majority vote. If it is received, a bill can be voted on regardless of the call for debate. This rule was later repealed and made it possible for senators to hold the floor for debate. With this, Philibuster was born. However, it was not until the late 1900s that Philipbuster was widely deployed. In fact, the technique was used only twice in the 1800s.

The founding fathers called for the process to give the debate a chance and prevent the majority party from becoming too strong. It is argued that it was not their intention to use it as a common political weapon.

How did it evolve?

The use of filibuster has increased over time. The Slate study shows that between 1991 and 2008, in a span of nearly 20 years, the Democrat minority had filibuster 63 times and the Republicans filibuster 89 times. This number has grown rapidly in modern times. Senate reports show that in just one year, 2019-2020, Senate Democrats performed a record-breaking 328 Philibuster.

To put it bluntly, this is more than a 4,000% increase in Philibuster usage in 40 years.

The future of Philibuster

So what would change if Democrats could successfully change Philibuster’s rules? Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY, has put forward an election bill to argue for a change in Philibuster. He published a letter to his colleagues explaining that if the states were able to pass an electoral law by a simple majority vote, the US Senate would be able to do the same. It avoids the planned vote to remove the 60-vote filibuster barrier to electoral legislation.

Overriding any legislation can be a slippery slope. This sets a precedent that both sides can use when they are in the majority position, potentially giving too much power to the majority. On the other hand, these rule changes could allow fewer gridlocks and more action among lawmakers.

With a united minority and a divided majority, Schumer’s attempt to change Philibuster’s rules is likely to fail. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat President Conte’s government. Counting set January 17 as the symbolic date for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, as a deadline to strengthen the vote. However, citing the current epidemic situation and a possible winter storm in DC, the vote was postponed to Wednesday the 19th.

What is Philibuster and why is everyone talking about it? Originally published in Voterly on Medium, where people continue the conversation by highlighting the story and reacting.

MovingOn executive director Rahna Whipa is voting apt

In response to the US Senate today failing to codify abortion rights, the executive director of MoveOn Political Action, Rahna Epting, issued the following statement:

Washington DC – “This vote is important because everyone in this country deserves to know where their elected leaders are in control of their own bodies. Every American should know that their elected officials believe that they are full citizens or second class citizens of this country. But it must be a first step, not a last step.

“We are not interested in show voting. We are not interested in empty words. Everything is in line. We need and we hope our elected officials will act quickly. To meet at this moment. No Senate rule is more important than our bodies. Our rights. We will not allow anyone – on either side – to hide behind the old Senate rules on this issue. Finish filibuster if you have to. But now support reproductive freedom.

“And for those who don’t, our message is clear: we’ll see you at the ballot box in November.”


Let’s move on People-driven energy for progress. MoveOn unites the Left to elect Democrats and bring about progressive change. We are the homebase for millions of members who refuse to accept the status quo and manage to take action. For more than a generation, MoveOn has been playing a strong role against radical rights, promoting our voice to end war, protect democracy and advance justice for all.

Voterly – Your most reliable voter asset this mid-season

Voterly – Your most reliable voter asset this mid-season

Many questions come up about the election year. Am I still registered? When is the election? What office is up for re-election? How do I research candidates?

While most voter resource sites can answer one or two of these questions, Voterly answers them. By collecting data from trusted sources like Vote Smart, Wikidata, Google Civic Engine, Ballotpedia, Open Secrets and many more, Voterly presents the most reliable information in one place. Not only that, we are proud to be non-partisan. We are committed to presenting independent, data-driven information that lets you make decisions for yourself based on your own values.

Preparing for an election should not be a difficult task. Party-line voting should not be the easiest option. With Voterly, you can make quick and informed decisions based on what you value. Learn how below:

Research candidates with smart ballots

Your most trusted voterli tool this election season. Smart ballots surpass state-issued paper ballots that you receive in the mail. Instead of just pointing out the offices and candidates who are running for re-election, Smart Ballot also provides information for everyone, so you can understand the position and who is running for it. Interactive ballot allows you to click on any candidate in a contest and view their politician profile. The profile contains information on politicians’ experiences, campaign funding, priority issues, and more.

After comparing each candidate, as a voter you will be able to decide with whom you are best aligned. Once you have completed your ballot accordingly, you can download and print the smart ballot for voting. You can even send your ballot to friends and family through our share feature. Your smart ballot will be available to voters 30 days before your upcoming election, so you can vote and vote with a plan.

Review your state’s 2022 Voting Guide

Since the 2020 election, more than half of the 50 states have changed their voting laws. For a quick overview, check out our blog outlining the changes in each state in 2021.

To help keep track of all recent changes, Voterly provides voter law and timeline information for each state in the country. Click on the state in which you are registered to find upcoming election dates, deadlines, registration requirements, voter ID laws, and vote-by-mail options. Sign up for election reminders so you never miss an original registration or election date. Continue the page to find links to register to vote, find your polling place, track your ballot, and more. We have a checklist at the top of each page to quickly summarize how voter-friendly your state is by highlighting whether it offers things like online voter registration, automated voter registration, all-mail voting, voting time off, and criminal voting. .

Check and monitor your voter registration

Voters often arrive at the polling station to find that their registered voters have been removed from the list. Often referred to as voter cleansing, states will do this after voters are inactive in recent, previous elections. With the help of our registration status and monitor tools, a voter can come to the polls with confidence that they are registered and ready to vote. Enter your name, date of birth and address in our Registration Status tool and quickly find out if you are still registered. Continue with our Registration Monitor tool so you can be alerted to any changes, including release from the roll. It’s easy with Voterly!

Research your representatives and key politicians

Visit our My Reps tool and enter your address to browse each politician you represent at local, state, or federal offices. Click on their profile card to view their politician profile providing more details about their work as a representative.

Our latest feature in these profiles is the issue score. Voterley provides information on where a politician is positioned on 30 different political issues, including abortion, climate change and gun control. Each card is labeled next to the issue they advocate for and has a star rating next to it to represent how much the politician has prioritized and acted while in office. Each of these scores is calculated by collecting ratings from a collection of relevant interest groups. For more details on issue scores and calculation methods, check out our recent blog outlining the feature.

Get started today

The election season does not have to be overwhelming. Research candidates don’t have to feel like a job. With Voterly, it’s fast and informative. It is non-partisan and truth-based.

Get ready for the primary and midterm elections in Voterli today.

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Prohibition off the highlight of our body: more than a million gatherings!

This weekend, more than a million people across the country joined the Ban of Our Bodies procession. And we should expect. Hope for a world where everyone has physical autonomy. A world where everyone is respected, valued and civil and human rights are fully protected. After countless attacks on abortion and reproductive rights, people have come together to declare abortion a health care and demand that our elected officials take action before it is too late.

GIF with pictures of the Ban of Our Bodies procession from all over the country

From coast to coast, we are “forbidden from our bodies!” Watch and share this video from processions and news coverage across the country.

Preview image of a video showing the news coverage of the event.

These incredible assemblies were driven by MoveOn members like you, Planned Parenthood, Ultraviolet, Women’s March, state and local fertility trial leaders, and hundreds of community abortion providers across the country. Despite the relentless onslaught on our rights, we have come together to show that we will not give up on this fight — and that we cannot afford it unless it is banned from our bodies, as well as affordable, quality and comprehensive healthcare for all.

Online and on the streets, MoveOn members across the country rallied to support abortion access and to demand that abortion be safe, legal, and accessible across all communities.

Together, in the last two weeks since the Supreme Court’s opinion was leaked, Movon members.

  • More than $ 150,000 has been raised for abortion providers
  • Has collected more than 300,000 signatures for abortion petition
  • More than one million people attended 450 Ban of Our Body events across the country.

We urgently need to keep up the pressure – because politicians are restricting our physical autonomy and access to vital health care, we must come together and show that we are not lagging behind.

We’ll hit the road again in the coming weeks and when the final decision from SCOTUS will come. Sign up here to make sure you’re one of the first to know when and where to show up

You can keep up the pace by taking these steps:

MoveOn will continue to fight for a country where everyone can improve. We will push back against the right-wing Supreme Court, and we will continue to expand the demands of those in power and protect our rights. Together, we can build a movement that cannot be ignored.