Prohibition off the highlight of our body: more than a million gatherings!

This weekend, more than a million people across the country joined the Ban of Our Bodies procession. And we should expect. Hope for a world where everyone has physical autonomy. A world where everyone is respected, valued and civil and human rights are fully protected. After countless attacks on abortion and reproductive rights, people have come together to declare abortion a health care and demand that our elected officials take action before it is too late.

GIF with pictures of the Ban of Our Bodies procession from all over the country

From coast to coast, we are “forbidden from our bodies!” Watch and share this video from processions and news coverage across the country.

Preview image of a video showing the news coverage of the event.

These incredible assemblies were driven by MoveOn members like you, Planned Parenthood, Ultraviolet, Women’s March, state and local fertility trial leaders, and hundreds of community abortion providers across the country. Despite the relentless onslaught on our rights, we have come together to show that we will not give up on this fight — and that we cannot afford it unless it is banned from our bodies, as well as affordable, quality and comprehensive healthcare for all.

Online and on the streets, MoveOn members across the country rallied to support abortion access and to demand that abortion be safe, legal, and accessible across all communities.

Together, in the last two weeks since the Supreme Court’s opinion was leaked, Movon members.

  • More than $ 150,000 has been raised for abortion providers
  • Has collected more than 300,000 signatures for abortion petition
  • More than one million people attended 450 Ban of Our Body events across the country.

We urgently need to keep up the pressure – because politicians are restricting our physical autonomy and access to vital health care, we must come together and show that we are not lagging behind.

We’ll hit the road again in the coming weeks and when the final decision from SCOTUS will come. Sign up here to make sure you’re one of the first to know when and where to show up

You can keep up the pace by taking these steps:

MoveOn will continue to fight for a country where everyone can improve. We will push back against the right-wing Supreme Court, and we will continue to expand the demands of those in power and protect our rights. Together, we can build a movement that cannot be ignored.

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