The reversal of the rock on the battlefield states is very unpopular, given the Democrats

With more voters than Democrats marking abortion rights, swing makes abortion an important issue for voters to choose from.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, MoveOn Political Action released new polls from battlefield states that show that the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Rowe vs. Wade Very unpopular and gives Democrats a chance with key voters.

Named the survey field Before The U.S. Supreme Court has handed down its verdict Dobs vs. Jackson Women’s Health AgencyVoters see the right to abortion and their willingness to be involved in the issue with which data is more likely to be transferred later to increase immediacy.

“If we want to restore the right to abortion and prevent Republicans from passing a national abortion ban, we must fight to retain the House and add two Democratic senators who will prioritize the right to abortion over Philibuster.” This was stated by Rahna Epting, Executive Director of Movon Political Action. “Democrats speaking out for abortion rights not only inspire base voters – it’s also a very important issue for swing voters.”

“Several battlefield constituencies, such as Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, are much more supportive of abortion than conventional political knowledge.” Selenda Lake, president of Lake Research Partners, said. “With more voters in this state marking abortion rights than Democrats, the swing makes abortion a key issue in picking support from voters.”

Other results include:

  • Supreme Court verdict overturned Rowe vs. Wade The battlefield states of Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin run counter to public sentiment.
  • Voters in favor of democracy and the right to abortion Too Inspired to be active in November in support of candidates who will defend the rights of the people for abortion. In addition, Democrats and pro-abortion rights voters are much more motivated to vote in response to the decision to overturn. Rowe And potential abortion bans in their states compared to Republicans or voters who oppose abortion in all or most situations.
  • While it is true that many issues are competing for the attention of voters at the moment, including low gas prices and inflation, polling shows that voters are ready to hold lawmakers accountable for ensuring or restricting access to abortion in November.

MoveOn Lake Research Partners is responsible for designing and conducting online surveys of 300 potential 2022 voters in each of the four battlefield states — Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — as well as 200 Democratic voters in four states. The survey was conducted on June 6-14, 2022. Error margin for each state is +/- 5.7%.

The full polling memo can be found here.


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