The White House is obsessed with gas prices

Politico: “Over the past several months, a team of economists led by the White House has marked each day in the same way: a laborious, state-by-state examination of petrol prices and relentless market forces pushing them relentlessly. “

“Senior officials and those close to President Joe Biden see these prices as the ones that most directly affect the daily lives of voters and therefore their perceptions of the economy,” he said. For example, Biden and his top advisers set their sights on what some associates describe as obsessive. White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein has been particularly exploited by this problem, checking the average price of one gallon of gas every morning. He regrets that it is an item whose price is known to all because gas station billboards are ubiquitous across the country. “

The White House’s focus on gas prices stems from two absurd political conclusions drawn by top officials. The first is that they have no control over the issue. Gas has reached a new record high. “

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