Voterly – Your most reliable voter asset this mid-season

Voterly – Your most reliable voter asset this mid-season

Many questions come up about the election year. Am I still registered? When is the election? What office is up for re-election? How do I research candidates?

While most voter resource sites can answer one or two of these questions, Voterly answers them. By collecting data from trusted sources like Vote Smart, Wikidata, Google Civic Engine, Ballotpedia, Open Secrets and many more, Voterly presents the most reliable information in one place. Not only that, we are proud to be non-partisan. We are committed to presenting independent, data-driven information that lets you make decisions for yourself based on your own values.

Preparing for an election should not be a difficult task. Party-line voting should not be the easiest option. With Voterly, you can make quick and informed decisions based on what you value. Learn how below:

Research candidates with smart ballots

Your most trusted voterli tool this election season. Smart ballots surpass state-issued paper ballots that you receive in the mail. Instead of just pointing out the offices and candidates who are running for re-election, Smart Ballot also provides information for everyone, so you can understand the position and who is running for it. Interactive ballot allows you to click on any candidate in a contest and view their politician profile. The profile contains information on politicians’ experiences, campaign funding, priority issues, and more.

After comparing each candidate, as a voter you will be able to decide with whom you are best aligned. Once you have completed your ballot accordingly, you can download and print the smart ballot for voting. You can even send your ballot to friends and family through our share feature. Your smart ballot will be available to voters 30 days before your upcoming election, so you can vote and vote with a plan.

Review your state’s 2022 Voting Guide

Since the 2020 election, more than half of the 50 states have changed their voting laws. For a quick overview, check out our blog outlining the changes in each state in 2021.

To help keep track of all recent changes, Voterly provides voter law and timeline information for each state in the country. Click on the state in which you are registered to find upcoming election dates, deadlines, registration requirements, voter ID laws, and vote-by-mail options. Sign up for election reminders so you never miss an original registration or election date. Continue the page to find links to register to vote, find your polling place, track your ballot, and more. We have a checklist at the top of each page to quickly summarize how voter-friendly your state is by highlighting whether it offers things like online voter registration, automated voter registration, all-mail voting, voting time off, and criminal voting. .

Check and monitor your voter registration

Voters often arrive at the polling station to find that their registered voters have been removed from the list. Often referred to as voter cleansing, states will do this after voters are inactive in recent, previous elections. With the help of our registration status and monitor tools, a voter can come to the polls with confidence that they are registered and ready to vote. Enter your name, date of birth and address in our Registration Status tool and quickly find out if you are still registered. Continue with our Registration Monitor tool so you can be alerted to any changes, including release from the roll. It’s easy with Voterly!

Research your representatives and key politicians

Visit our My Reps tool and enter your address to browse each politician you represent at local, state, or federal offices. Click on their profile card to view their politician profile providing more details about their work as a representative.

Our latest feature in these profiles is the issue score. Voterley provides information on where a politician is positioned on 30 different political issues, including abortion, climate change and gun control. Each card is labeled next to the issue they advocate for and has a star rating next to it to represent how much the politician has prioritized and acted while in office. Each of these scores is calculated by collecting ratings from a collection of relevant interest groups. For more details on issue scores and calculation methods, check out our recent blog outlining the feature.

Get started today

The election season does not have to be overwhelming. Research candidates don’t have to feel like a job. With Voterly, it’s fast and informative. It is non-partisan and truth-based.

Get ready for the primary and midterm elections in Voterli today.

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