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Check it out Photo collection To remember the work we did together in 2020 to save the post office

This victory is thanks to the more than 1.5 million MoveOn members who have signed petitions, rallied, called Congress, hung signs and stickers, and more.Will save USPS about $ 50 billion over the next decade and secure family-sustainable union jobs for 550,000 government employees!2 And it comes from year after year of pressure to ensure the vital services provided by USPS that support everyone, regardless of their zip code, delivering our medicines, our ballots and much more without hindrance, even in times of global epidemics. This is a proof point that people’s strength can give results!

Don’t take our word for it: Watch this video with correspondents Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Tlieb and Sarah Jacobs. Thanks to the Movon members for all your organizing!

The ability to vote by post was essential for the 2020 election during the epidemic. Trump appointed a political philanthropist and Crony Louis Djoy as postmaster general, where Djoy led a brazen attempt to influence the election by weakening the post office and slowing down mail, removing mail-sorting machines and warning states not to count. Ballot distribution post office.3

But Movon members have spoken to our allies and taken action. At more than 800 post offices across the country, MoveOn members wore masks to protect solidarity with postal workers everywhere and to protect our democracy from Trump and Postmaster General DJ, and to maintain social distance. This pressure forced the DJs to stop making some operational changes to their tracks. And in October, just weeks before election day, the USPS finally agreed to reverse many of the devastating decisions.4 Together, we made sure every vote was counted. MoveOn has partnered with a broad spectrum of progressive and franchise allies to demand that state and local officials expand their franchise access.

Together, MoveOn members:

  • About 1.5 million petition signatures have been collected.
  • He has led more than 800 rallies with allies at post offices across the country. Cher even joined one!
  • Thousands of phone calls have been made to elected officials.
  • More than 330,000 “We ❤️ Postal Workers” stickers ম in mailboxes

The first success was to thwart DJ’s evil conspiracy to interfere in our election. Marking a second victory this week, Congress and President Biden provide long-term stability to the postal service to ensure that it can continue to provide services across the country, especially as we head into the next election season.

We have made this victory not only by putting pressure on lawmakers, but also by turning it into a record number for building a democratic majority in the House and Senate, which has secured the future of the USPS.

Next: We need these elected officials to hold and hold accountable everyone involved in Trump’s catastrophic administration. And for USPS, there are many ways they can expand their services, such as postal banking. Post offices ইতি already in almost every community in the United States ব্যবহৃত are used to provide low-cost banking services. More than 100 million people currently do not have access to affordable financial services, and this solution will reduce the burden as we emerge from the epidemic..5

At the same time, we will continue to work to pressure the USPS to electrify its fleet — an important step in reducing our carbon footprint.

This victory reminds us of what is possible when we work together to create a better future for all. We all have a chance to use our power again this November to elect people who will deliver to our community and continue to advocate for what we believe. This whole campaign started because someone started a petition, and it gave a chance to people who agreed to hear their voices. You can start a petition here at any time on any issue in your area or affecting everyone across the country.

Thank you for everything you have done.


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