We are with Ukraine

Since February, MoveOn members across the country have donated more than 1 1.1 million to humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, supported the pressure on diplomacy over militarism, and expressed solidarity with the people of Ukraine. Thank you for taking action together in this difficult time. And yet, we know we have more to do.

Pictures of the war in Ukraine, including attacks on civilians, a few miles long Russian blockade and families fleeing for their lives are devastating.

Putin’s aggression — and the death and destruction it brings অবশ্যই must have serious consequences. That is why Movon members across the country have taken steps to support the diplomatic efforts of the Ukrainian people and the administration and to end the war.

Here is a snapshot of our collective support so far:

    • We have Has collected over $ 1.1 million World Central Kitchen and United Help for direct relief efforts from Ukraine to Ukraine.
    • Has over 160,000 members Signed a petition Solidarity with the Ukrainian people
    • More than 54,000 members have downloaded one “We are with Ukraine” sign Hanging in their community
    • We shared our stories about why diplomacy and peace are important to us, including These have been highlighted on Instagram And down.

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