We know the end of the federal government

Heather Cox Richardson: “In the past, the Supreme Court has acted on the basis of ‘stair decisiveness’, which literally means ‘standing up for a controlled issue.’ The purpose of that policy is to make increasing changes so that the law can be applied consistently and evenly, which encourages social stability. On occasion, the court breaks the precedent, especially with the Brown v. Board of Education decision of 1954, which overturned the Plessis v. Ferguson decision of 1896 that stamped rubber racial segregation. When such a big change happens, both the court and the elected officials work hard to explain that they are changing the law to make it more consistent with our constitution and to move the people forward with that change. “

“With last Friday’s Dobs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision, the court simply overturned 49 years of law and history, ending the federal recognition of the constitutional rights that Americans have enjoyed since 1973.”

“Today, the West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency court decision overturned nearly 100 years of jurisprudence, arguing that Congress cannot delegate authority to the executive branch agencies on the ‘main question.'”

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