Where politicians stand on issues like abortion, climate change and guns

Where do politicians stand on issues like abortion, climate change and gun control? – Take a look at the latest features of Voterly

Voterley’s latest “issue” feature appears on a politician’s profile.

It is easy to assume the best among the political leaders of your party – assuming that a politician of your party must have the same values. These assumptions make it so easy for candidates to vote on party lines in elections without further research. The new feature of VoterLe does research for you, so that you can quickly find the truth of a candidate’s position and vote based on it.

In order to encourage users to vote on the basis of values ​​rather than party affiliation, the Voterly’s Issue feature informs you of a politician’s position on the issues under discussion.

Problem properties have been explained

With Voterly’s new issue feature, you can go to a politician’s profile and see where they stand on up to 30 different topics. Clicking on an issue will reveal a scale with labels for both sides of the argument. For example, in the case of abortion, one end of the spectrum is labeled “abortion rights” while the other end is labeled “abortion restriction”. It will be placed somewhere along the scale to show where politicians are positioned on this issue.

The following topics are currently live on Voterly.

  • Abortion
  • Campaign Finance
  • Climate change
  • Contraceptives
  • Criminal justice
  • Drug policy
  • Foreign policy
  • Free trade
  • Gun rights
  • Healthcare
  • Housing assistance
  • Immigration
  • Labor Council
  • LGBTQ rights
  • Medicare
  • Military intervention
  • National debt
  • Net neutrality
  • Policing
  • Universal education
  • Ethnic justice
  • Regulations
  • Religious freedom
  • Social Security
  • Student loan
  • Taxes
  • Suffrage
  • Welfare

Location calculation

So how does Voterley determine the rating of a politician on every subject?

Each issue contains a set of interest groups representing one side or the other of the argument. For example, in the gun rights issue, gun rights interest groups include:

  • National Rifle Association (NRA)
  • American gun owner
  • National Shooting Sports Foundation
  • Eagle Forum.

Interest groups for gun control include:

  • Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

Each mission of this group is to advocate for their cause at both the local and federal levels. Keeping their goals in mind, these interest groups publish annual ratings of politicians, basically grading politicians to see how much better they serve their purpose. By setting an example of gun rights, NRA Representative Jim Jordan could be highly valued because he actively voted against gun control legislation in the House of Representatives.

Voterly is able to collect these ratings and then display them as transparently as possible If the politician is rated as a pro-gun right, you will see the first scale that shows the average rating from the pro.Gun rights Selfish party. The second scale that users will see is the average rating from ProGun control Group Voterly will then average those two scores to create an overall rating for those politicians. Users can dive deeper if they like to see the ratings of each of the politicians, individual interest groups.

The calculations may seem complicated, but so Voterly has come up with an enjoyable and efficient display. Start exploring the problem by searching for politicians Here!

What’s next for the issue feature?

This is just the beginning of the latest feature of Voterley. We plan to expand this tool to make it more interactive and informative.

After all, Voterly will not only count the position of a politician on an issue, it will also count your position as a voter! After selecting the issues that matter most to you, and then answering in-depth questions about each one, Voterly will be able to compare your position against a politician. This rating will be displayed next to any politician, so you can see See How well you both deal with the most important issues.

Voterley’s vision is to help modern Americans make quick and informed voting decisions when using technology to do this. We hope you will follow to create the insightful, interactive political database needed for 21st century politics. To stay up to date on our issue features and much more, follow us on Medium and subscribe to our email newsletter!

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