Why Democrats keep losing the culture war

David Brooks: “Over the past few decades, as Republicans have been increasingly using cultural issues to support them, Democrats have come to understand what is happening less and less. Many progressives on the other hand have developed an inability to see how good and wise people can be, a lazy tendency to assume that anyone who is not socially progressive must be a racist or a misogynist, a tendency to think of cultural wars as merely one. Confused Republican politicians kick to divert attention from real issues like economics – as if the moral health of society is some trivial side show. “

“Worse, many progressives have become blind to their own cultural power. Liberals dominate elite cultural institutions – universities, most of the mainstream media, entertainment, many big nonprofits – and many do not realize how annoyingly degrading it is when their opponents are described as rubbish and bigoted. “

“The Republican Party capitalizes on that. Some days it seems that this team is the only one working. Republican candidates, for example, are more likely to win this fall election by talking about inflation. Instead, many are doubling down on the cultural issues that helped Glenn Yankin get into the Virginia governor’s office. “

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